All segments gone, please don't just ignore my questions


We’ve been sending push notifications through Webpushr for quite a few months now and we were very happy with your service. I’ve spotted a few bugs, but you guys always fixed them quickly.

We’ve built a dashboard around your API so our employees can send push notifications through our dashboard. This worked perfectly fine, until the end of August, apparently.

Yesterday I logged in to the Webpushr dashboard and noticed no push messages had been sent for all of September. At first I thought this was just another bug, but when I looked at the reporting all of the messages said: ‘Error - Segment is invalid or missing’. We handle API errors on our end, but this error was NEVER returned by the API. Our employees thought they had been successfully sending push messages (a few a day) for the past weeks, but it appeared they hadn’t.

After noticing this I immediately checked our carefully created segments, but all of them were gone. Only the default segments were listed. I email your support but got a very rude email back, saying something like “Yeah we’ve been improving the segments so you have to recreate them”… unbelievable!

Not even a ‘sorry’, let alone a word about how you guys are going to compensate us. We’re a paying customer so we expect a little more then just this rude email. Our employees have been crafting push messages for the past few weeks, for nothing.

I replied with some questions but none of them got answered, so I’ll list them again here:
• How could this have happened? Why did you guys just remove all user segments without notifying your customers?
• How will this be prevented in the past? How can we rely on your service if stuff like this just happens?
• Why weren’t the errors reported through the API? If this was the case we would have noticed the errors immediately.
• How will we be compensated? We’re a paying customer but clearly didn’t get any service from you this month.
• Why didn’t you back up our current segments? We carefully created them so recreating them without knowing the settings is a real headache.

You say you’ve improved the segments and this is better for your customers, but it seems a bit odd you didn’t notify your customers and you didn’t back up any of the created segments. This seems like a huge flaw to me, so the least I expected was a clear explanation of what happened. Not just some two sentence reply about your “improved” segments.

Please don’t get me wrong, I really love your service, but the way you communicate with your customers (at least with me) is just painful. I’d love to hear from you.