Annoying users with multiple notifications


I want to use webpushr to send out notifications about games on a gaming website, the problem is users get a prompt to subscribe for each device they view the site as, and then if I send out a notification they get the notification on each device they view the site as, and this is annoying them.

I am sending the site’s user ID with each subscription as a custom attribute; is there any way that when a user with a custom userID attribute reads a notification it will set the notification as read on all their devices?

To be honest I’m guessing no for technical reasons, but it’s a shame because I can’t really use it if it’s going to give people’s phones, desktops, work machines, tablets, different browsers, etc all notifications and requests to subscribe. People often play on multiple devices.

I could do something on my end so that it only shows the pushr notification prompt after determining that the user is using their primary / most common browser, but … not ideal.


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