Blurry Featured Image In Push Notifications


Love this plugin so far. Works perfect, with one exception.

I’m using the {featured_image} placeholder for the Notification Image. My featured images are 1920x1080, yet the notification image looks horribly blurry.

Anyone have a similar issue?

Sir how to add features post in push notifications

Hi there,

Thank you for using Webpushr. We do compress the images before they are uploaded to our CDN for delivery. It is possible that the images lose some quality but they shouldn’t get blurry at all. In our internal testing and monitoring (of more than 7000 sites using Webpushr), we do not see a quality issue at all. Can you please test using different image types and sizes and see if you notice a difference? Feel free to share your findings with the rest of the community here.

Webpushr Support Team

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Hello sir can You tell me bow to add a. Featured post in the webpushr notification. When a new user on bell icon then how to show featured post above the subscribe button…

Featured post can be adding from our plugin’s configuration page. See screenshot below:

We automatically show featured image in our subscription bell feature if it was added to the push notifications.