Change subdomain for subfolder in the same domain

I have an account created specifically for a site ( and I am restructuring the site so that what was previously in the subdomain goes to subfolders ( of the same domain. If I use the code I used for example.domain in the subfolder, it happens that:

1- does not recognize the user as a subscriber and the opt-in appears as if he were not subscribed

If I create a new site account for and send a push using the old account for the subfolder:

1- the user is NOT automatically resubscribed to the new account for
2- the opt-in message continues to appear as if the user was not subscribed

I tried to create an attribute that marks that the user of has resubscribed again (in case it does) in, but in the logical operators to create segments it is not possible to create one that exclude all users who has signed in to the new account for

Do you have any possible solution? because a user who signed up at and resubscribes at is going to get pushed twice.

I understood, my approach was to create a tag of interest marking when the subscriber of the example.subdomain signed up for, so that they don’t receive duplicate messages. The problem is that I can’t create a segment to EXLUDE those with an interest in the old endpoint, is there a chance to enable the logical operator to exclude those with an interest to create a segment? because currently it is not possible to do that.

Why did you register and as two separate sites? From a web push standpoint, since the TLD is the same, you could use the same code snippet on both. That way, the user is not going to be subscribed only once. Can you please e-mail us at so we can look at it in more detail.