Check push status - calls with the same campaign_id return inconsistent response

i am having issues with the check push status api.
making multiple calls with the same url (i.e, same campain_id):

at time returns the push status response successfully and at other times fails with “Invalid campaign ID”. this happens in an inconsistent way. meaning, the sequence of successful or unsuccessful calls are undetermined.

also, to be on the safe side. i made the calls after the push campaign was finished. to rule out possible issues fetching the status while the campaign status data keeps updating.

any advise would be appreciated.

Hi there,

We just tested this API endpoint and were not able to replicate the issue. Can you please shoot us an e-mail at and mention this thread?


the issue didn’t happen again since I posted.
i suspect it has something to do with campaigns that fails to send even a single message.
In that case, the campaign requested is shown in webpushr campaign interface (with a red failed label).
it has an id. but calling the API returns “Invalid campaign ID”