CLS (Culumative Layout Shift) issue

Hi there!

I’m using your tool since early 2020, and I love it.

However, I noticed that your banner causes Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) when it appears, even changing animation or location, as you can see from the screenshot attached. I had the same issue on my account, so I had to remove Webpushr sadly…

Can you please solve this issue? Because I’m getting a “Needs improvement” warning from Google Search Console just because of that.

P.S. It causes CLS only on mobile devices.

Thank you.

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Is there no support for this issue? Core Web Vitals are ranking factors…

Hi Luca,

We just ran a bunch of our customers websites (large and successful publishers) through Google’s Page Insight test and most of them passed the CLS test. We checked the last 30-day field (actual) data for mobile devices.

What you are describing as an issue, is really not an issue. Most modern websites have some CLS, just like how they all take more than zero seconds to load.

Thank you for using Webpushr.

Webpushr Support