Custom Attributes


I am using the wordpress plugin and on my site I have allowed notifications for myself in chrome. I tested the following: When there is an order and you go to the thank you page that custom attributes would be updated that Buyer: Yes, Order: ordernumber, etc…

I tried this. It worked 1 time. But then I tried to do it again with some extra values and it didn’t work anymore. Even know going back to only 2 attributes, it doesn’t update anymore. So there seems to be an issue on my thank you page that it is not coming through anymore.

This code is in the body of my content of the thank you page: It worked 1 time, but then not anymore. (I changed the attribuut Aankoop from value Yup to Mja but it doesn’t update.

I have no clue why.

Kind regards,

Can you please try updating the values on some other page and see if it works? We just tested and all systems are running as expected.