Custom development or help general


Do you provide paid integration services or does anyone here do such a thing ?
We need a small modification to how WPushr is integrated to our user …

What we need in a bit of detail:

we have a moderately popular message board which has been operating for several years,
and we have recently converted it to a PWA. So far all works well, except for the push
aspect of things. After attempting to write a backend myself ( in C ) it turned out to be
far more of a headache than I expected.

This is what I was trying to achieve.

The message boards on our site do not require a signup or username; each message board
is accessed via the url

Anyone can create or view a message board by going to the url required.

At the top of each message board is a bell , which shows the user to be either subscribed or
not subscribed. If they request to be subscribed, they click the bell - If this is the first time
they have ever subscribed to anything then they will receive the ‘allow notifications’ dialog
and somehow this user will be marked as watching for changes for the message board.

A user can watch for changes for any number of message boards they require.

I need the notifications to only be triggered when
a) the pwa is not running
b) the pwa is running but not focused
If neither of these are true and the user has subscribed to the page, the pwa will clear
the notification or prevent it occuring.

ps. I know I said that there is no signup, however some randomly and uniquely generated id
should be created for each user and saved via indexeddb or a cookie or something else…


Actually this forum is a good example of what I want.
I just noticed at the bottom of this post it says ‘watching’
as I created the post…
This is the type of functionality I need.

Hi @Ashod_Apakian,

We unfortunately do not have the bandwidth at this time to get too deeply involved in custom integrations. It is one if the reasons we created this forum so developers within the Webpushr community could help each other out.

You might find it useful to look at our fetch id method & send push to SID API endpoint.

Let us know, ideally in a new thread, if you have any specific question about a feature.

Thanks for the reply

the fetch and push to SID option actually looks great.
However if your api is limited to 1 request per second, and we have many users how does
that work out.
We may have say 100 users looking at message board #1 and if a new message is posted
to it, then there will be a 90s delay for everyone to receive the new message notification …

am I correct?

In this case, our custom attribute end-point will probably work better. Please take a look at all available API endpoints.