Deactivate WooCommerce Settings


I’d like to deactivate all woocommerce settings, except for the abandonned cart, which is the only one I can check a box to select. Any way to do this? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi @Cassy_Musique,

Thank you for using Webpushr.

Abandoned Cart Push: This can be enabled or disabled from our plugin’s configuration page.
Sales Price & Price Drop: These are always “inactive” or “unchecked” by default. You have to explicitly check “Send Web Push Notification” checkbox from your product edit page to activate Push on these actions.
New Product: Please disable/uncheck the following two settings (see screenshot below) from our plugin’s configuration page to inactivate web push

Hi, I can’t find those checkboxes in my plugin’s configuration page. Could you please explain further?
Here it’s how mine looks like:



These checkboxes are under New Post Page section

Thanks, but I really do need the specifics, I requested further explanation because it seems I am in the wrong place 100%. Do you mean any of these? Besause thay’re all unabled but the products notifications keeps on poping up.

Please do the following
Under “New Post Setup” section enable “Enable Web Push” and Save Settings. You will see the following following settings

Automatically send push notification when a new post is published
Automatically send push notification when an existing post is updated*

Disabled both these options and then check