Delete a user(subscriber) from Dashboard

How to delete a active user(one of the subscriber) from Dashboard.

many thanks!

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We currently do not offer this feature because it creates a disconnect between what the end-use sees as their subscription status and your ability to send that user push notifications.

Please know that our platform automatically deletes users that are no longer active (are no longer able to receive push notifications). We get this information after you send a push notification out. You will therefore see that your active subscribers will reduce after you send out push.

I use to offer this option (in a support scenario), while using OneSignal. Now I’m migrating to Webpushr.

Could you please clarify why it’s still not possible to do this? Some users can find it hard to do almost anything on a phone, and could have pressed the “Accept notifications” by accident :slight_smile: . I mean, I have the a page with the Users, where I can find my ID. Why can’t we get a option to “Delete a user” as a option in the “dot”-menu?

I that case it’s VERY HELPFUL to have a option to say "Hey, could you please go to and tell me the “ID” listed with large red text on the page?

Trust me, this is a real scenario, and we’ve used that quite a few times.


The reason why we did not give the option to delete the specific user from dashboard is that, if we delete the user from the dashboard but that user is actually still subscribed in the browser and he will be transferred automatically again just like the automatic transfer from OneSignal works.
However we have the option for subscribers to turn off notifications anytime from the subscription bell if you have enabled it from your admin console.