Domain change - what now?

Hello every one, I recently changed my domain from to and webpushr automatically reset everything requiring me to setup all over again and making new user prompts to subscribe to notifications. How should I handle this in order to only have one domain configured without duplicating or losing anything?

Thanks and regards,


Hi Joao,

Unfortunately, you cannot move push subscribers from one domain to another. Push protocol does not allow it. Subscription endpoints are always specific to a domain. I wish I could tell you otherwise but you will need to start over if it is a top level domain change.

Okay I see. They are not that many, so not a big deal starting over. but I am worried about users receiving duplicated notifications meanwhile. Can i delete the previous site configuration in order for them to get a prompt again when they revisit and not receive from the previous domain?


Oh wait. We believe we might have misguided you. It looks like your top level domain (TLD) DID NOT change. We read “Domain change” and did not bother to look at the two URLs you mentioned in your original post carefully. It seems like you are only adding “www” before your TLD. This does not qualify as a “domain change”. Please continue to use your current Webpushr setting/code for your original TLD.