Editable Header (Title) on Editor

Hello my friends,

Your Service is Awesome, but it can be even better.

PLS, add the feature on Post Editor to edit the Title of Push Notification.
Many times the Title (Header) of every Post is long on characters size, and on Push notification the main title is cutting due to CHR limit.

The problem is that the title is very Important, and if cutted early can’t be read correctly.
So, we must have the opportunity to edit the title on the notification before is pushed.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Best Regards


Thank you for your feedback. We will plan to introduce this in the next update of our plugin. We will update this thread when this feature is available for use.

Thanks for your response !!!

I will give you more suggestions in the future when I will find something that needs your attention to improve your service. :+1:


Sounds like a good plan :grinning: