Fetch subscriber Id

I am trying to Fetch the subscriber ID with the code example from the site:
But ID allways return False. This used to work, but stopped working recently.
I have already subscribed, and turned off an on notifications again, but it didn’t help.

Any Ideias ?

   <!-- Our JS snippet goes here  -->
   webpushr('fetch_id',function (sid) { 
        //save id to database
        console.log('webpushr subscriber id: ' + sid)

Hi Felipe,

All systems are functioning properly. We have scheduled a call with you at 10:00am PST today to try to troubleshoot.

Talk to you soon.

Hi - I am also getting a blank response.
Please advise

Hi @Larry_Hurwitz, can you please shoot us an e-mail at support@webpushr.com so we can hop on a quick call with you on Monday next week?

Hi - i am also getting response sid as a blank response or false. It is happening only in Edge in dev environment (https://localhost:port but used without https in webpushr site settings). It is working fine in Chrome and Firefox. Many thanks in advance. MC

Is it possible to implement this on an actual domain and share the URL with us so we can check? Please display the id in console logs so it can be easily seen. We don’t see any issue on our end but if we see this on an actual website, we’d be able to fix quickly.

What was the solution to this? I’m using the exact same snippet of code from the website and it also returns false, too.

I’ve worked it out. The WordPress plugin is not loading https://cdn.webpushr.com/app.min.js on the frontend via manual integration or automatic integration.

Hmm this is far too flakey.