Getting NULL ID send notification from api

I getting null id when sending notification from rest api.
result : {“status”:“success”,“description”:“Notification sent successfully.”,“ID”:null}

It is impossible for us to troubleshoot without knowing what you are sending to our API endpoint. Have you tried running the cURL command that is made available to you on here? (see screenshot below) Simple copy/paste it and see if it works. There are no system issues at this time.

above example when i send contification from postman with rest api, the result as same , ID NULL

Thank you for the additional information. This helps a lot. We do not generate a campaign ID for the sid endpoint. The sid endpoint uses an “express” route if you will, where our primary goal, based on the majority use-case for this endpoint, is to deliver the push to the specified end user as soon as possible. You might have noticed that our push delivery speed for this endpoint is insanely fast (less than 10ms of end-to-end cycle time starting from when we receive the request to when we deliver to the browser gateway). We therefore skip a few internal steps for this particular endpoint to accomplish the above mentioned goal.

Ok, Thanks for the information. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

if i send use API “

will i get an id ?

Yes you will get campaign ID if you use segment endpoint.

Thanks a lot for the information, I did test using segment and attribute, and get the id campaign

Fantastic! Thank you for using Webpushr.