GTM Integration

I would like to know how to integrate Webpushr with Google Tag Manager where I would like to connect GA4 event tags to be able to fire a tag only when a user subscribes to receive Webpushr notifications.

I am following your GA documentation Integrate Google Analytics with Webpushr - Webpushr but I am still missing how to make a connection: Website - GTM - GA4.

I need to use GTM (not just GA) because I already have Complianz cookie triggers there and I would like to allow/initiate Webpushr on our website only upon marketing cookies’ consent.

Many thanks,

Hello, admins,

So no answer, even though you promised in a private communication, six months ago (March!):

“Agreed. We will try to make it. It will take 2-3 weeks based on our current roadmap.”

I don’t understand why it’s such a problem for you to functionally connect one of the most used platforms (GTM + GA) and you are unable to answer further questions about it.

This is a paid service, wake up! Thanks.