Heavy load on sending


I’m using Wordpress plugin with 4.3K active users. Whenever I publish a new post and send a new notification : my website starts to slow down and finally become unreachable (504 Bad Gateway). It remains unreachable for about 3-5 minutes and then comes back to normal. For now, I’ve disabled notifications when a new post is published.

Is there an “intelligent delivery” feature that I can set up with a hook or something ?

Can I use a real static JS file instead of a PHP file ?
If I put a webpushr-sw.js file on the root, where should I modify the path in the plugin ? In webpushr_functions.php file ?

I’m also working on the free Cloudflare solution for hosting our logo…

Any other ideas ?


Hi @gdeclic,

Thank you for using Webpushr. Your site/server is not involved in the sending of push notifications at all. We upload the icon and image for the push on our CDN first and then the push is sent out. All the requests for images (Android Badge, Icon and larger image) are received and served by our CDN.

Your site will however receive increased traffic as a result of your subscribers clicking on push notifications and visiting your site. It seems that your server/site is not configured to handle the incremental load from visitors.

Using static JS file instead of PHP file will not make any difference.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your answer.

So there’s no option to space out the sendings ? (over 30 minutes, for example)

Might be an interesting feature.

Hi there, we don’t currently have that option because it is frankly not needed based on our experience serving 6000+ websites. Most websites are sized appropriately to handle ~5% CTR worth of incremental visits from push subscribers. It would be a completely different situation IF we were not serving images from our CDN - in such a scenario, we would need to offer this throttling/delayed-send feature.

Copy that.

Thank you.

You are welcome! happy to help.