High Frequency Alert: More than 20 pushes within 6 hours


Just signed up and everything worked fine until the notifications just suddenly stopped. The API accepts the requests without error, but in the API log it shows the following:

“High Frequency Alert: More than 20 pushes within 6 hours”

Is this a fixed limit or is there a way to disable this? Don’t want to upgrade incase this won’t fix this issue.


Our security system rate limits push notifications from our WordPress plugin to 20 push messages per user per 6 hour time window, per WordPress site/domain as registered on Webpushr Dashboard. We believe this rate-limit is very generous. We apply this for two reasons:

  1. Sending more than 20 push notifications to the same subscriber, from the same site/domain within a 6 hour time window creates a sub-optimal user experience (keep in mind that a push subscriber is generally subscribed to and receiving push notifications from multiple websites/domains/apps). We highly recommend that you send push notification on select “push-worthy” events. We care about your end-user/subscribers’ experience, as it relates to push notifications, because the overall success of web push technology depends on it.
  2. It acts as a security measure incase your site/server sends a super high volume of push notifications in a short timespan by mistake.

We do remove/relax this limit for highly specialized use cases. If you believe your use case requires us to remove this limit, please e-mail us at support@webpushr.com