How to achieve time based criteria for Custom attribute

Assume that we define a custom attribute which tracks if a user visited a specific page.

How can i target users who have not visited the page since 2 days?

Also assume that i have two attributes. Sign In attribute ==> which tracks all users who sign in. Any page visit attribute ==> which tracks all people who visit any page.

How can i target those who have visited any web page but have but not signed in?

You can combine Custom Attributes and Page Visits (At the site level) to create a segment but you cannot, as you might have guessed already, not combine Custom Attributes and Page Visit to a specific page using our segmentation feature offered through our dashboard. You can accomplish this on your end using our API (example: method) but this will require custom development on your end.

The easiest way to accomplish this to to assign a global attribute such as user_signed_in with a TRUE or FALSE value. This way, you can send push to either.