How to track migration/transfer of subscribers from OneSignal to Webpushr

Congratulations & thank you if you recently migrated from OneSignal to Webpushr.

We have a successful track record of migrating hundreds of publishers from OneSignal to Webpushr. According to BuiltWith, an independent 3rd party tracking tool, more than 1000 websites have so far (as of March 2021) switched over to Webpushr:

Hopefully you have already read and followed our guide on how to migrate from OneSignal to Webpushr.

After integrating Webpushr to your site, you will typically see a spike in your total active users in the first 2 to 3 days. This generally means that your push subscribers (previously managed by OneSignal) are getting automatically transferred over to Webpushr. You can also track transfer stats using our opt-in funnel report as shown in the screenshot below: