Limit Optin Prompt and bell to specific pages

Hello guys,

1. Just installed your plugin and after checking features was wondering if it’s possible to make the subscribe prompt and bell just appear if you are on a certain page.

This is because I’m building a membership portal, and unlike the major usecases, I really don’t want people to receive push notifications if they are not registered yet. I want to implement push notifications to increase engagment with already registered users.

SOLUTION: Nevermind about this, just did it with css.

2. Also, if the bell is active ALL 3 latest push notifications will be shown, even if it was a segmented one (like people one a specific region?) it makes no sense being visible for all users.

3. Can I delete subscribers? In order to test the several changes I need to, and even in the future with actual users, it would be great if I can just “reset” their subscription.

Thank you for your time!

Hello guys, waiting for your reply.
Now… the bell icon is appearing all over the place, also the subscribe prompt… even on admin pages.


You can use the Webpushr Integration Code to those pages where you want to show the subscription bell and opt-in prompt. For example you can put the code inside the condition if user is logged in.

We show only those notifications in the subscription bell that are sent to all users using the segment “All Users”. So there should be no issue with specific region

There is no way to delete the active subscribers. Only user can do this itself.

To hide the subscription bell from the admin pages, use the following code inside your theme’s function.php file

function hide_webpushr_bell(){
add_action('admin_head', 'hide_webpushr_bell');