Moving our Blog from to

Hi, we were running a WordPress blog at and our forum at

We have turned our Wordpress blog off, but we still generate articles in our forum. So essentially we want to move our Webpushr integration from / to /community. I understand how to set up Manual integration, but I am just confused about if this is really considered a migration at all, since its the same domain. Do we need to “Add new site” in our Webpushr account? Or can we use the existing one? I don’t see anywhere in the setting to adjust URL or to let it know we are doing Manual and not WordPress integration now.

I have a developer dealing with this, so he may understand, but just wanted to be proactive and ask about it here.

Hi there, you do not need to add a new site as there is no change in the domain. Please continue to use the same API key.

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