Need SDK Javascript functions


I’m a frontend developer from Imóvel Guide and I need the javascript functions and events of webpushr. I searched your documentation but haven’t found anything about this.
I need a section similar to this documentation page:

I need the respective functions for:

And the events:

if these features are available, could you please send me?

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Hi @Imovel_Guide,

Thank you for using Webpushr.

Our JS implementation is different from OneSignal and the functions & events you are seeking are not available in Webpushr. We will review them internally to see if they can be added to our product roadmap. You are the first customer to request these.

Having said this, all the events you mentioned, and some more, are shown in realtime in our dashboard under “Opt-in Funnel” menu item. Please take a look. It is a great visual report that shows you detailed Opt-in Prompt related analytics (Prompt Impressions, Actions such as Allow, Cancel, etc.) in real time.

Moving this thread under “Feature Request” category.