New subscribers being removed from 'active'

My account is pretty new and it showed that I had 10 new subscribers in the last few weeks. I send out a new post last night and Webpushr is showing that only 4 subscribers are ‘active’, so I only see the previous subscribers if I look under the full dashboard for ‘new subscribers’ but apparently all 10 notices failed to deliver. Is Webpushr going to automatically remove subscribers so quickly every time? My understanding is that if a subscriber uses a desktop computer and didn’t have it on, then they would not yet receive the notice. Is that correct? Another question: the dashboard shows that only 1 user received a Welcome notification this month; why would the other 9 new subscribers not also automatically gotten this notice?

Although we responded to your e-mail, adding some color here so people who read this can hopefully find this useful.

Your understanding is correct. If a user subscribes to push but then does not turn their computer on for a couple weeks, that in itself does not make their push endpoint invalid. We do not delete subscribers/endpoints because the user has simply not logged online, or turned their device on.

Our platform only automatically removes push subscribers if their push endpoint (think of it as their push address) is no longer valid/reachable.

There could be a multitude of reasons why the end-point may become invalid. :

  • The most common one is if someone actively unsubscribes from push on your website.
  • The user may also delete their browsing history which may invalidate their endpoint. This is no big deal - because as soon as they revisit your site, our platform will save the endpoint without prompting the user (as they have already given you permission to send them push).
  • The endpoints also expire after a while. If a user subscribed to push and have not visited your site for a while, the endpoint may become stale and expire, and hence become unreachable.

The good news is that our platform automatically deletes all endpoints (shown as subscribers in our dashboard) that are no longer valid/reachable. That way, we only charge/bill you based on valid endpoints.

The welcome notification stat specifically was incorrect because Webpushr was in conflict with another plugin on your site. As discussed, let’s monitor to make sure the stats look correct going forward.