Notification shows up infinitely until canceled

TLDR: Webpushr notification popup shows up infinitely on every page until the No button is physically clicked. What are your thoughts?

There’s one issue I came across, which I can see possibly being a negative user experience. Webpushr support advised me to start a thread to see what others think.

The notification popup keeps appearing on every page until users physically click the button to cancel. Here’s a short demo I recorded:

I’ve done a small research, it seems that Webpushr is not the only service to do this. However, usually when users click on the outside area of the popup, it’s consider an intent to exit.

How do you guys feel about it? Should Webpushr notifications popup infinitely until the No button is clicked?

Thank you for creating this thread. We have created an internal note to forward all related e-mails to this thread. Let’s see if enough people request this control.