Notify specific group of Users based on SID


Is it possible to send notifications to an array of users, I have looked at the segments feature but I don’t think the conditions fulfill my use case.

Lets say my database has 10 users with their SID stored, and I want to send a notification to 4 of them based on my apps criteria, can I just create an array of sid’s and send the notification to just those 4?

Or will I have to create a loop and send 4 individual notifications, thank you.

Anyone got any info on this, I’m trying to send a group notification to specific id’s…

Hi there, the SID endpoint is only designed to be used for a single ID. You unfortunately cannot send a set/array to this endpoint. We recommend that you use Segment endpoint for your use case.

Thanks but I checked the documentation and the segment option does not seem to support sending based on sid. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Instead I’m using a a for…of loop but have yet to test it. Can you please confirm its possible to send a segment based on sid field, thank you. I want to query users in my database, if they meet the criteria I want to extract their saved sid and send a segment. If this is not possible please consider it for a future addition, please let me know, thank you.

Is it possible for you to assign Custom Attributes (API Guide: Send Push to a Custom Attribute - Webpushr) to users based on some sort of grouping? You can then create segments based on Custom Attributes.