Opt in Prompt reprompt after clearing browser cache

I noticed that Opt in Prompt will re-prompt every time after subscriber clear browser cache and history, this action will also re-register the user as Active User, which causes a lot of invalid Active Users and Failed attempts after Push Notification is sent out.
Is there a way to remember subscriber so that even after clearing browser cache and history, the opt in prompt will not re-prompt?

We check if the user is subscribed to push before the opt-in prompt is displayed. We make this determination by using native browser APIs. If the browser tells us that the user is no longer subscribed to push, we show the prompt and subsequently capture the new endpoint. The clearing/resetting of subscription endpoint when you clear browsing history is a browser behavior that we or any push vendor does not/cannot control. We do understand that it leads to re-prompting which might not be what you’d like to happen. The good thing is that the duplicate/invalid endpoint gets deleted once you send a push and is therefore not counted towards “Active” subscribers and not used for billing.