Personalized Title and Text on Prompt?

Dear All,

I read all documentation but I could not find it.

Can we personalize the prompt’s title and text according to the visitor?

If yes, How do I do it?


Can you please give explain a little more by giving us an example?

I know who is viewing on the page because registration is mandatory for my webpage. Therefore I want to personalized title and text on Push Notification Prompt. For example, I want to write the name of my user on prompt. “Hey David, Do you want to take the most up to date paper in (his interesting area)?”

I could learn who is activated push notification via custom attributes. But I can not personalized prompt text yet.


Thank you for the explanation. We understand now. Unfortunately there is no way at this time to customize the text based on subscriber. We will review this internally to see if this something we can offer in the near future.