Please make the custom prompt multi language capable!

Due to the fact that chrome & ff are starting to block the native prompt in certain cases, more users are forced to use the custom prompt. We absolutely need to be able to pass our own language phrases, same like for the button implementation. It would be very easy for you guys to implement, either passing the lang phrases during script init, or one additional tag with the prompt and custom lang phrases (same like for the button).


Thank you for the suggestion. Currently, the content for custom prompts is fetched from our back-end. This keeps the integration simple (one simple JS snippet for all sites).

Have you explored the possibility of potentially overriding the content on your site?

I did not think about that yet. Any suggestions which event to use to trigger the overrides? How can I detect that the popup is loaded (before display)? Thank you.

Any answer how this can be detected?


We are looking into this internally. We will let you know when there is any update.