Priority of notification

I’ve successfully integrated on my website. And it works fine. My issue is all the notifications sent to android devices are displayed “discretly”.
They do not signal themselves (no vibration, no sound)
They do not show on lock screen
They do not show on the status bar, etc…

Yet I receive them if I open the notifications but they will automatically disappear after a few minutes even if I specify otherwise (auto-hide notification) and I do not interact with them.

So basically you see the notifications if you know they are there which makes notification lose a lot of their interest.

Is there any option to make them act differently?
Thank you

It depends on your phone settings. For example, your phone will not beep if you have disabled sound for notifications or if your phone is in silent mode. There are a bunch of notifications related settings on any Android phone. Please check the settings and then change them based on your preferences.

You realize that I cannot change settings for the phones of all the people who uses my website!

I am using chrome on my phone for instance.
And when I receive a notification from other websites, I have a sound and/or a vibration (according to my settings, yes I am aware there is a silent mode on phones). Also the notification shows on the lockscreen, and the status bar.

But when I receive a notice from my website using your plugin AND with the same phone settings, I get no vibration and / or sound, and it does not show on my lockscreen or the status bar.
In this example, I am also using chrome on the device.

Thank you for your reconsideration of my question.

We believe it to be impossible for the Android OS to apply two separate set of rules (in terms of sounds, vibration) for web push notifications to two separate websites (not native apps) if the user has made no change to Notification settings (global notification settings for ALL websites or site-specific notification settings) at the OS level.

Our plugin/platform cannot control those settings, does not provide any default values or “suggestions” and therefore simply cannot control or influence sound/vibration effects when the notifications are received.