Problemas con el envió de notificaciones

porque me sale este mensaje “Alerta de alta frecuencia. Más de 20 pulsaciones en 6 horas” en las notificaciones y no las envía

Our security system rate limits push notifications from our WordPress plugin to 20 push messages per user per 6 hour time window, per WordPress site/domain as registered on Webpushr Dashboard. We believe this rate-limit is very generous. We apply this for two reasons:

  1. Sending more than 20 push notifications to the same subscriber, from the same site/domain within a 6 hour time window creates a sub-optimal user experience (keep in mind that a push subscriber is generally subscribed to and receiving push notifications from multiple websites/domains/apps). We highly recommend that you send push notification on select “push-worthy” events. We care about your end-user/subscribers’ experience, as it relates to push notifications, because the overall success of web push technology depends on it.
  2. It acts as a security measure incase your site/server sends a super high volume of push notifications in a short timespan by mistake.

We do remove/relax this limit for highly specialized use cases. If you believe your use case requires us to remove this limit, please e-mail us at