Hello @webpushrstaff @Webpushr_Support ,

First I want to say that you have done a great job, my congratulations.

I am interested in Webpushr, currently our company uses OneSignal.

I have a few questions / suggestions:

  1. In Setup
    Opt-In Prompt no matter which option I choose
    Subscription Bell - Inactive
    Notification Cards - Inactive
    and generating an Opt-in Button the bell continues to display.
    I think there should be an option to hide the bell in the presence of a button (Opt-in Button)

  2. There are JS functions in OneSignal
    Example getNotificationPermission, showSlidedownPrompt, etc.
    It would be good to have such functionality and to describe it in the documentation.

  3. Subscription Bell
    There should be an option to hide Cards in Subscription Bell.
    If the customer has not subscribed to have the “Subscribe” button, if he has already subscribed just have the “Unsubscribe” button.
    I think there should be a way to simplify Subscription Bell, as with OneSignal, simple but works.
    I think you have done the hard part with more options, but it must be possible for these options to be deactivated.

Found little bug in if you click on Generate Button Code and then click outside modal dialog the button remains in position Generating code… and is disabled.

Once again, good work and I hope you will answer soon if, some of the suggestions may be added and if so we will be happy to move from OneSignal to Webpushr.

Hi there,

1- Do you see the subscription bell if you do not use the subscription button? If you deactivate subscription bell, it should go away. If it is not going away, send us an e-mail at with your account detail so we can troubleshoot.
2- We will be providing these soon.
3a - We do show recent notifications (last 3 notifications, from the last 3 days) inside the subscription bell. The engagement rate on these “cards” inside the subscription bell is exceptionally high, and we therefore do not provide an option to turn these off. You can turn off the entire bell feature but not a sub-feature (such as cards) inside the bell if it makes any sense.
3b- We show the buttons you mentioned, along with the “cards” if available.
3c- We will look to simplify this further. Keep in mind that configuring this is entirely optional (you can deactivate the bell) and is most likely a one-time effort.
3d- Subscription bell can be entirely deactivated. You are correct, the cards inside the bell cannot be.

Found the bug, we will fix it. Thank you for letting us know.

Thank you for trying out Webpushr. We of course will encourage you to switch :slight_smile:

To become the best you need to offer options that offer others and make them much better.
This is settings for Subscription bell in WonderPush.
Please note these settings.