Remove subscription bell from from WordPress dashboard

The subscription bell is shown for admins inside the WordPress dashboard using the WordPress plugin. It is quite annoying and distracting for editors of posts and gets in the way. So please disable the subscription bell while in the WordPress dashboard. I think it is currently loaded with some kind of global condition. Instead of this, use some kind of WordPress hook I guess.

Hi @Fuad_Hasan

We will be adding this as a configuration setting in our next WordPress Plugin release.


Hi, where is the “configuration” promised ? we are in 2023 and i dont see this configuration :slight_smile: thanks

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You can use the following code in your theme’s function.php file to hide the subscription bell from admin pages

*//Hide Webpushr subscription bell from admin panel*

function hide_webpushr_bell(){



add_action('admin_head', 'hide_webpushr_bell');


i have already made a CSS rules only applied to adminpanel but is not very clean, its just comestic, JS and other thing continue to load .
I m awaiting a real “configuration” on plugin.

Note: your css rule is not enough…you must use div#webpushr-prompt-wrapper if you want totaly hide but hied is cool but not enough, we need totaly unload webpushr frontend on dashboard, its very anoying on wp dashboard and elementor