"Send Web Push Notification" unchecked and notification is still sent

Hello, I’ve migrated to Webpushr from OneSignal, but I have problem with the “Send Web Push Notification” checkbox. When someone from our team schedule article for a specific time (in the future) and uncheck the Send Web Push Notification (because we don’t want to publish notification for every article) in admin and Save article, Webpushr sometimes still send notification for this article (when it’s published).

It is quite annoying for our readers, because we are publishing about 10 articles per day and we don’t want to spam them with notification for every article. I wrote 2 times to e-mail support, but with no reaction, so I hope someone from the team can help me there?

Hi Yura,

Our team looked at this today and we believe we have fixed this issue and published a new version of our plugin v4.12.

You were facing this issue because our plugin was resetting “Send Web Push Notification” setting (in the meta box of post edit page) when a scheduled post was updated. We have fixed the issue. The plugin now remembers your action on the meta box and sends/not-sends push accordingly.

Please update your plugin to the latest version and let us know if the issue persists.

Hello, wow, thanks for quick fix, I updated plugin and I will test it in next few hours (with publishing new content). So now, when I am planning (scheduling) new article and uncheck the “Send Web Push Notification” ticker (and Save article), your plugin will remember this settings for future edition of article? (before publishing).

Yes! It will remember it :slight_smile: