Trying to enable WebPushr notifications along with the CMS built-in notifications

Hello, dear support & community,

I have a problem integrating WebPushr push notifications. We have a CMS (basically, a forum), which provides its own push notifications. We’re trying to integrate WebPushr notifications.
When I disable the native forum notifications, it seems to be working fine. I can subscribe, unsubscribe and my state remains the same across page reloadings. But if I enable the native push notifications, I cannot unsubscribe from either native or WebPushr notifications. Well, I can, but if I refresh the page, I see only the Unsubscribe button (and Disable the native ones). Moreover, in the Dev Console, I see requests to with the status “resubscribed” parameter in the request body.

So, can we use both types of notifications? And if yes, do we need to enable some custom settings?


You cannot use multiple push notification systems in the same website. Web push notifications require Service Worker registration and only one Service Worker can be registered with a single domain. So when you have multiple push notification vendors, they have their own service worker to register and this cause the conflict between each vendor’s service worker, so it stopped working.