Trying to understand Optin Funnel

I started to use webpushr yesterday, i used to use foxpush (with subscribers over 2M)…
in active users section i have a high increase in my active users.
it was not understood for me how can it increase like this so fast!!
but i read in the Optin Funnel that webpushr cuptures the data of my sbscribers in the other platform (foxpush)…
now the problem is when i sent my first notification active users decreased after sending it by about 8K users, and after some time I sent another notification and active users also decreased by 8K.

Total Lifetime Users


Active Users

so about 23k users were deleted!
how did this happend?
are those users’ endpoints not valid!
so they got deleted?
or not?
then does webpushr make me lose subscribers in the other platform in vain?
please let me understand how it works and how did this large number deleted?

note: I only subscribed yesterday :slight_smile:
You are currently subscribed to the monthly [Startup]plan. Your plan will renew on 2021-05-20

Hi @Abdallah_Soliman, thank you for switching to Webpushr. It is most likely because you still have the previous vendor installed on your site. Please remove your prior push vendor from your site immediately as it is causing conflict and neither are functioning properly.