Using the same tracking code for multiple websites

We are looking to use Webpushr for web notifications for the CRM we are building at the moment. The use case on this will be that we will want the customer to place the tracking code on their websites which will handle the opt-in element and we will then use the API to send the pushes.

I am struggling to understand if it is possible to do that using a single tracking code or not which we would give to the customers from the code within the Webpushr account we will create for this. Would there be any issue with doing that at all?

Tracking code is site specific. You cannot use the single tracking code for multiple websites. You need to register each website in Webpushr and use that site’s tracking code


I am struggling to understand the reasons for that technically. Can you tell me why that would be? It seems your solution is not great for people using your service like us for many different customers. Would you agree?