Webpushr API send_at parameter

I’m trying to send a browsernotification to a specific user via the api.

According to the API i have to send JSON via POST with the ‘send_at’ key, and a UTC time string.

I’ve tried sending this JSON to the API.

{"title":"This is my message header","message":"No description for this message","target_url":"https:\/\/my.homepage.biz","send_at":"2020-03-08 00:10","sid":"removed-for-security"}

The message is being recorded as it should on webpushr, the content, the ‘send_at’ date and everything i’m posting is OK. But the message is being delivered instantly when i POST the data.

Here is the documentation

I’m sending it all via PHP & cURL, and i recieve this response:

{"status":"success","description":"Notification sent successfully.","ID":REMOVED FOR SECURITY}

Edit_ Ok, so the documentation notes that it should be delta UTC time (fx. 2019-04-03 18:00 +01:30)

I tried that aswell… Heres my JSON i POST at UTC time 19:57

{"title":"{"title":"This is my message header","message":"No description for this message","target_url":"https:\/\/my.homepage.biz","send_at":"2020-03-04 19:57 +01:10","sid":"REMOVED_FOR_SECURITYREASONS"}

This should give me 1 hour and 10 minuttes to the notification ?

Here’s the JSON response

{"status":"failure","type":"invalid_value","description":"Schedule date must be at least 5 minutes in future"}

Any suggestions ?

The send_at timestamp should be defined in this format: "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM ±HH:MM"

There are three components to it. Let’s break it down:

  1. YYYY-MM-DD to be your local date
  2. HH:MM to be the schedule time, in your local time
  3. ±HH:MM to be the UTC Offset. For San Francisco, this is -08:00 as San Francisco falls in PST which 8 hours behind UTC.