Webpushr on a landing page

Hey do any one have idea on how to do this via tagmanager or integrating it with a landing page like clickfunnels.

one of our competetior is using this… https://documentation.aimtell.com/hc/en-us/articles/install-with-google-tag-manager

can you please guide me how to do this using webpushr.

Similar to the link you sent us, Webpushr integration requires two things for a typical HTTPS site:

1- Adding our JS code snippet to your site. This is similar to adding Google Analytics tracking code.
2- Adding our service worker file to your site’s root directory, unless your site is HTTPS site or is built using a CMS platform such as blogger, foursquare, etc. that does not allow you to upload a JavaScript file on the server.

Do you have access to perform the above two actions on your site? If you do, please follow our manual integration guide.

Maintain worry I figure out a way. Thanks. Push notifications are awesomely good thanks for the help.

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You are welcome. Glad you figured it out.