When will there be support for the new iOS web kit web app notifications?

Apple have just released Safari web app notifications for iOS. I am running on a dev build 16.4 and it supports this but I see no set up with Webpushr. Is there plans to have this released?

This is a huge game changer for the web industry. Hoping to see some news or we’ll have to take our services elsewhere.Web Push for Web Apps on iOS and iPadOS | WebKit

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I’m also desperately waiting for this feature. Any news would be welcome!

Any News on this? iOS 16.4 is out for a while now…

I’m waiting for this feature to leave Onesignal


Yes this feature is now available for Webpushr. You need an additional step to add a web app manifest (manifest.json) file to your site’s root directory if your site is not already a Progressive Web App (PWA).

You can use the following website to generate the manifest.json file

The official documentation will be available soon. If you need any further help, please contact us at support@webpushr.com

my website is pwa and when i add to home screen etc and click enable notifications when i post something it doesn’t not send any notification on apple but it works for andriod


Please contact us at support@webpushr.com. We may need some additional information