Wordpress: can you choose which articles will get pushed?

We are considering using webpushr after looking at different similar services (we even installed one but it had issues so we removed it).

We have a question that is not answered on the site or your forum. Can you choose (on WordPress) which articles that we publish we push to subscribers? is there a tick box or some interface added to WP? this is essential since we only want to push specific articles (we don’t want to overwhelm our readers with too many pushes every week).

P.S. Just a suggestion - I didn’t see this on any website yet but it would be super cool if there was some way of allowing websites to have a dedicated push page for users where they can choose which type of push notifications they want to get (say only for a specific topic, how many times etc.), and also unsubscribe (I know this is done on the device level typically but most users can’t find this on their devices and to be honest even for us it is sometimes complicated and certainly time-consuming to unsubscribe to a channel).


Hi @Iddo_Genuth,

Thank you for using Webpushr. Yes you can select/unselect posts from the post edit page as shown in the screenshot below - notice the “Webpushr Notification” metabox on the right side:

You can also configure if the checkbox is checked or unchecked by default from our plugin’s configuration page:

Please add request for new features here: https://forum.webpushr.com/c/feature-requests/12

Fantastic :slight_smile:
Will do about the features.