WP non public site - opt in prompt before login

Hi all,

one question: I have an intranet wordpress site which is only accessible after login. Tried to install the wp plugin which generally works fine. Push and everything works like expected.

But one problem: The opt-in prompt comes before the user is logged in. How can I change this that opt-in prompt is only visible after login?

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You can achieve this by doing the following:

1- Check “Manual Integration” in our Wordpress Plugin’s configuration page. This will essentially stop our plugin from including our JS code snippet on all pages.
2- Manually add our JS code snippet on pages where you want push enabled. In your case, this can be based on the condition if the user is logged in.

Thanks for your reply.

Do I have to deactivate or deinstall the Wordpress Plugin? As soon as it’s activated, the opt in request appears on the login page.

WIth “Check Manual Integration” you mean the Web Console app.webpushr.com, right? In the wordpress plugin there is no such option under configuration.

You should see the following in your plugin’s configuration page:

Hmmmm … unfortunately not. This is what I see under Configuration. Plugin version is 4.15.0


Please click on “Enable Web Push” option so it expands and shows you all the options.

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Ahhhhhh … this is now almost a little embarrassing. I had disabled this until it was clear how the integration could be done. :man_facepalming:

Thanks for your great support!

Not a problem. It happens to the best of us :grinning: