Notifications not pushing

It appears that I have successfully added Webpushr to my Wordpress web site and used the link to add myself as a user twice - once in Chrome and once in MS Edge. I’m there and verified in the user list. But when I send a test manual “push” - it doesn’t pop up anywhere, even though it says both “sent” and “delivered” in the dashboard.

All of my notifications will be manual (weekly) messages, so it’s critical that this function work. What should I try (or look at)?

Thank you for using Webpushr. Have you already followed instructions on this thread:

I ran through the suggestions on the page you linked to - everything appears to be set up properly, but no notifications are coming through (including your own demo). I have tried Chrome (on a laptop and an Android device), plus MS Edge. I allowed notifications for your site as well as mine - nothing happens on either one. I don’t get the welcome message and I don’t get any manual pushed messages.

Can you please try this third party push demo:

I selected “Enable Push Notifications.” The popup box appeared, asking for permission (which I granted). It then popped up a page showing my Browsers Subscription:


I then opened a terminal access window to my web server and pasted the CURL command into it. Nothing happened.

It seems like the issue is local to your OS/Browser settings. Which OS are you using for Chrome on desktop?

I’m using Windows 10.

Did you test the demo (last demo link we sent you) on Chrome on Android? Please make sure your Android is not in Silent mode. Sometimes, depending on your settings, notifications are not displayed in Silent mode.

For Windows 10, can you please check your OS notification settings?

Notifications are turned on. Also - under “get notifications from these senders” both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are set to “on.”

By the way - thank you for taking so much time to help me with this. I’m sure I won’t be the only one with this problem, so hopefully, it will be here for others as well. :slight_smile:

Can you send an e-mail to and mention this e-mail so one of our engineers can hop on a call with you and troubleshoot?